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Sep 17

Reason #4: CRM is about relationship

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And now for those whose marketing, analytics and record keeping are outsourced…

If you are avoiding a transition to a customer relations management system because your marketing and analytics are outsourced, you are in a very small minority. According to a survey by Ascend2 and their related marketing partners, only 4% of over 500 businesses surveyed trust a third party enough to completely outsource their inbound marketing and analytics.


Essentially what this and many surveys like it show is that 96% of the businesses out there consider customer relations management to be far too essential of a factor in the operation of an organization to leave to a third party.

What these figures tell us is that if you are not “handling” or “personalizing” your customer – almost all of your competition is equipped to do so.

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Sep 11

Reason #1: You would, if you did!

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More on my post about the most common roadblocks to adoption of a customer relations management system for your business… In my last post I addressed the heavily disputed ROI issue.

In this post I will cover another objection: the assertion that “you don’t have time”.

First I would like to offer the following analogy:

Take a small farmer, about a hundred years ago whose cows produced a healthy supply of milk that was then delivered to general stores in several nearby towns as well as to friends and neighbors by horse and cart.

The farmer is not interested in automation or the newest fad, the automobile. He is busy but wealthy and happy with his prosperity. Over the years the town builds up around him and two more milk producing farms develop in the wake of the increase in demand.

These farms have automated pasteurization processes, automated bottling and delivery trucks.

You can see where I am going with this.

So let’s get back to present day thoughts on resistance to adopting a CRM system based on lack of time.

There is going to be an immediate investment of time spent on the acquisition of the system and the scheduling of installation and implementation. That is a given. And it is a hurdle – but a very short lived one.

The return on time saved – once installed – is staggering.

Imagine all future information between personnel and customers passing at the speed of electric flow which is measured in billions and trillionths of a second. It would quite literally take one day of operations with a CRM system to pay back in time saved.rocketsuip

Imagine documents, invoices, reports, statements, ticketing, emails, scheduling and related processes being automatically and quickly generated. A CRM system can carry out a sequence of many data processing operations – without human interaction – at a significantly higher rate of efficiency and accuracy.

When human interaction is factored, those accessing the information are retrieving and sending it to and from multiple locations, departments, entities, and applications, eliminating massive amounts of duplication – saving a phenomenal amount of time with each and every action.

Essentially, what you are doing is trading in that horse and cart for a rocket ship.

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Aug 12

RedHorse v6.4 Released!

By RedHorse Systems | News

Here’s what’s new :

iCal Meeting Invitations

Send and receive meeting invitations between RedHorse Contacts, RedHorse Users, Outlook and Gmail.

New Customizable Contact Screen

Customize your contact screen to match your custom screen designs in RedHorse CRM.

Jul 25

Reason #2: Solving the Missing Equation: Return on Investment

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In a recent blog I brought up the most common obstacles to adoption of a CRM system.

The first listed was the lack of supporting documentation for return on investment.

The reasons for the absence of figures of any kind are numerous however,
the two most significant, which I will address here, account for the lion’s share of cause.

One of the core functions of the software is that it is modular and mutable.  It updates and changes as the market changes and the functions we need to measure change.
It is nearly impossible to identify a single fixed entity to measure.

Different business use different components seeking different solutions in an ever changing market.

Second, savings over what might or might not have been spent are speculative. A turn of events in the business process could alter the trajectory of any measurement significantly.

Therefore, the single real measure of the value can only be calculated by gauging:ROI

a) What expenses will be eliminated when installing and operating a management system:

Man hours: eliminating cost of multiple entries of data from sales cycle processes such as lead generation, initial and follow up calls, estimates, services, order dispensation and customer satisfaction tracking

Man hours spent on, and advertising dollars spent on, non-performing methods and markets

Man hours spent on communication – information is logged and passed instantaneously

Man hours spent on correcting errors in the multiple entry system

Costs of separate software for separate functions

b) What gains are expected in the new process:

The means to generate emails and ad campaigns from the customer data base

The means to analyze the viability of advertising campaigns

The means to provide comprehensive information access to all management and employees from a single data base

The means to access customer profiles, history and stage in the sales process from a single source

The end focus therefore when seeking a measurable ROI, is the fact that a business’ ability to succeed or fail hinges on the cost of labor vs productivity.

The beauty of the installation of a CRM system is that it directly reduces labor AND increases productivity through efficiency in a single method thereby doubly affecting your bottom line.

See our original blog about Six Good Reasons NOT To Install A CRM System.

May 14

RedHorse v6.4 Coming Soon!

By RedHorse Systems | News

Here’s what’s new :

iCal Meeting Invitations

Send and receive meeting invitations between RedHorse Contacts, RedHorse Users, Outlook and Gmail.

New Customizable Contact Screen

Customize your contact screen to match your custom screen designs in RedHorse CRM.

Apr 01

RedHorse v6.2 Released!

By RedHorse Systems | News

Here’s what’s new :

New RedHorse Product Lines

RedHorse Core: Excellent Product for entrepreneurs and small workgroups who want the core features of an incredibly powerful system, set up and ready to go with very little configuration necessary. Features:

  • Integrated email
  • Email marketing
  • Document merging
  • Account centric
  • Integrations:
    • Microsoft Word
    • Microsoft Excel

RedHorse Essential: A Great Product for Companies who want to customize their experience, sync their contacts and calendar to their phone, and participate in the social conversation. All the features of Core plus:

  • Complete customization
  • Enhanced user and group security
  • Dashboards
  • Integrations:
    • Microsoft Outlook
    • Google GMail
    • Facebook
    • LinkedIn
    • Twitter

RedHorse Complete: Our complete business manager. Manage your entire business through one application from Marketing to Lead to Sale to Customer Service. All the features of Core and Essential plus:

  • Business Modules
    • Marketing Campaigns
    • Lead Management
    • Quoting
    • Projects
    • Ticketing
    • Contracts
  • Workflow
  • Integrations:
    • Constant Contact
    • Intuit QuickBooks

IMAP Email

Connect to your IMAP email account to automatically retrieve email in the RedHorse CRM Email Center. Automatically bring in emails and link them to your contacts. Link emails to multiple contacts or business modules.

Ownership for KB Articles

Share important articles, help files, support tips and more throughout your organization, and at the same time securely limit access at a book or article level to only the users who need sensitive information.

Improved Gmail Sync

Better sync of contacts and calendar with Gmail. Use our background integration to automatically sync your contacts between RedHorse CRM and Gmail. Use the Gmail sync to your Iphone, Android or Blackberry to sync your calendar, email and contacts to your phone.


6 Reasons Off Target
Mar 11

Six Good Reasons NOT To Install A CRM System

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6 Reasons Off Target

That should do it…it’s a slam dunk…unless you can think of any others…

Please let me know.  I’d love to hear from you.


For the next few weeks I will address these common roadblocks to automation and computerization and the outlook in the next decade for businesses looking to operate without digital automation.

runaway jury
Mar 04

Did Anyone Out There See “Runaway Jury”?

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(The blockbuster movie after the novel by John Grisham)

runaway jury

Every time I run across a business with substance and longevity, with all its participants earnestly working long and hard to maintain a volume that will at the very least insure everyone has a job tomorrow…

It makes me think of that movie.

Earnest, warm, competent, solid legal professional, Dustin Hoffman insists he will try his case “the old fashioned way” using intuition and impassioned reasoning to persuade a jury while the younger professional, Jeremy Pivens tries to convince him that his case cannot be won without the new methods of tracking and analysis of prospective jurors.

Hoffman won’t buy into the new method until he sees his opponent or competition is operating so far out of his league that he won’t survive if he doesn’t adapt to the new methodology.

It reminds me of companies trying to operate without a CRM system or any of its corresponding features like social media marketing analytics or automated real time customer service recording.

Forever the bad guy – Gene Hackman of course loses in the end but the point is he’s automated – digitally connected – he knows his jurors inside out and it isn’t until Jeremy Pivens’ character is able to convince Hoffman that he needs to get automated as well that the good guys get the analytical tools they need to win the jury!

It’s a great watch for entertainment purposes but the lesson is there as well.  Good old fashioned hard work and ethics will need to meet the digital world in order to stay in business.

Elephant in the room
Feb 13

Let’s Address The Elephant In The Room

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Who the heck has the time – to chase this crazy – ever changing – marketing business and consequently new business model?Elephant in the room

It is all we can do to answer calls, fill orders, service customers, toss the paperwork in the direction of a bookkeeper, pay the bills, hire and train help, order supplies and get home before it is time to get up and do it all over again.

Very often businesses don’t have the depth to dedicate manpower to the task of researching, choosing and implementing a CRM System.

The oversight will have to come from an outside source.
That is where the true measure of a qualified Reseller is made or lost.

Of course there is a learning curve. Of course there is a cash outlay. But it is the job of the Reseller to mediate those inconveniences through:

  1. Accurate, comprehensive customization
  2. Quick implementation
  3. Simple clarification of system operation and
  4. Seamless transition from the multiple entry business model to a single entry, well-coordinated business management system

Effectively buying you the time you thought you didn’t have.

When you and your staff all have access to the same information with a touch of the screen everyone saves time.

Communication moves from muddled and unreliable to instantaneous.

Informative results appear simultaneously with date entry.

You no longer calculate the viability of a campaign – with proper customization, the analytical tools built within the software does it for you. You simply repeat what works and eliminate what doesn’t.

Your new business model is one that provides time management – not drains it.

BAM – goodbye elephant in the room.