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convert customers
Dec 12

Are You Asking Prospective Customers For Too Much?

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If you are having a difficult time converting prospects to customers, consider what you are asking of them.

According to HelpScout – 10 Ways to Convert More Customers – it could be as little as changing a few words.  For example in a study where prospects were given the following two requests:

“Would you be willing to help by giving a donation?”


“Would you be willing to help by giving a donation?  Every penny will help.”

Customers donated almost TWICE as often with the second request. convert customers

Start with something small. Offer your customers a free trial – that takes only a few minutes of their time – without obligation. (just as we do at RedHorse CRM – our free trial is here).

Change your approach often and keep records in a good CRM so you know what works.

customer data collection
Dec 10

Are You On Information Management Overload?

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Who isn’t? Now that we have the means to catalog every single tidbit of information about our customers and consumers – if we find out the color of their underwear, do we create an underwear template and log it?

In all likelihood, yes if you are Victoria Secret or J.C. Penny’s. But if not, how to know what to log and what to discard?

Jim Roberts at Smart Insights posted a clean, comprehensive list that simplifies the prioritization of customer data – see his great article here. I have re-posted an excerpt below:

customer data collection

1. Identity Data

At the heart of database marketing is the individual, so knowing who the individual is and being able to build and maintain a Single Customer View provides the first type of data, Identity. This includes any information which enables an individual to be uniquely identified and includes:

  • Name Information – Title, First Name (Forename), Last Name (Surname), Designatory letters, etc.
  • Person Information – Date of Birth, Gender, etc.
  • Postal Address Information – Building Number, Building Name, Address Lines, Town, County, Postal/Zip Code, Country, etc.
  • Telephone Information – Home Telephone No., Work Telephone No., Mobile No., etc.
  • Email Address Information – Personal Email Address, Work Email Address, etc.
  • Social Network Information – Facebook Identifier, Twitter Address, Linkedin identifier, etc.
  • Account Information – Details of your customer’s account ids or user ids.
  • Job Information – Company Name, Department Name, Job Title, etc.
  • Permission and Suppression Data – Not distinctly an identity element of data, but equally important is the information concerning permission to communicate and reason for not communicating (suppressions).

2. Quantitative Data

Once you understand who the individual is the next key element is the measurable operational data, which enables you to understand how your customer has behaved, transacted or reacted with your business. This includes any information which describes activity completed between the customer and your business:

  • Transactional Information (Online and Offline) – Number of products purchased, actual products purchased, Order/Subscription Value, Order/Renewal dates, product abandonments (abandoned baskets), Product Returns, etc.
  • Communication Information (inbound and outbound) – Communication date, communication channel, Opens, Click throughs, etc)
  • Online Activity – Website visits, product views, online registrations, etc.
  • Social Network Activity – Facebook likes, Twitter interactions, etc.
  • Customer Services Information – Complaint details, customer query details, etc

3. Descriptive Data

Understanding who the individual is and the type of activities they complete with you provides a good starting point for any marketing database. To gain a fuller perspective of your customer additional profile information is crucial. This provides additional information about your customer, beyond the identity and quantitative details, covering:

  • Family Details – Marital status, number of children, age of children, etc.
  • Lifestyle Details – Property type, car type, number of car doors, pet ownership, etc.
  • Career Details – Profession, Education level, etc.

4. Qualitative Data

The final type of data you will come across provides further description of your customer and potential behaviour and is usually provided by questionnaire type information where an attitude, motivation and opinion is provided:

  • Attitudinal information – How do you rate our customer service, how do you rate the value of the product, how likely are you to purchase our product again, etc?
  • Opinion – What is your favourite colour, where is your favourite holiday destination, etc.
  • Motivational – Why was the product purchased (personal use, gift for someone, etc), what was the key reason for purchasing our product (locality, price, quality), etc.

video content marketing
Dec 05

Stay Fluid – Video Content Marketing – The Newest Kid On The Block

By RedHorse Systems | Uncategorized

We’ve got linked in, facebook, twitter, Instagram, pinterest, email marketing, seo strategizing, web design and analytics – WHAT? Now everyone’s talking video content marketing! Why? Because digital marketing is ever evolving.

video content marketingSome of this stuff is new, some is reworked and some is just now resurfacing because with new analytical tools (like those in rockin’ CRM software like RedHorse) we can track its success as a marketing venue.

Good news is – like all digital marketing – video content marketing is cheap if you don’t try to win an audience by competing with elaborate production fanfare.

At RedHorse we are constantly working on video content marketing.  Check out a few of our best.

image source Daniel Zeevi The State of Video in 2013 [Motion Graphic]

Dec 03

RedHorse v6.2 Coming Soon!

By RedHorse Systems | News

Here’s what’s new :

IMAP Email

Connect to your IMAP email account to automatically retrieve email in the RedHorse CRM Email Center. Automatically bring in emails and link them to your contacts. Link emails to multiple contacts or business modules.

New HTML email editor

Better and easier editing of emails. Spell check as you type. Drag and drop images into emails.

SEO optimization
Dec 03

Digital Marketing 101 – 3 Quick Fixes to SEO

By RedHorse Systems | Uncategorized

1) Change your website title to say what you do instead of who you are for example:


By making the title tag into something more descriptive, you are able to rank for what you actually do, rather than the name of your company.


2) Create descriptive H1 tags on your home pageSEO optimization

from: Candy Making   to: Candy Making Supplies or How to Make Candy

Improving H1 descriptive text helps boost the numbers needed to rank your page higher within searches.


3) Start a Blog- each blog you write allows your business to appear in the search results of relevant search terms logarithmically improving the odds your website appears before any customer. 


excerpts from Preston Smith@infusionsoft

Nov 26

Social Media is NOT enough. EMAIL is still KING.

By RedHorse Systems | Uncategorized

Customer acquisition via email has quadrupled in the last four years (A recent study by predictive analytics firm Custora)

If you thought writing a blog, Twittering and Facebook postings were going to put money in the bank you are probably feeling the squeeze right about now.   The social media networks are a means to keep your fingers on the pulse of your customers – stay friends – hang out online – keep in touch – but they are not enough to get them to make a purchase.

ConstantContact1So where do you go from here? Build an effective email campaign and use an effective tracking system because real marketing is measurable.

Email marketing services like Constant Contact and Mailchimp make the job easy. Tying it to your CRM is essential.

How?  Integrate it.

Best wishes, Connie

Connie Galligan is Founder and Lead Developer of RedHorse CRM. During two decades of consulting and software development in the industry, she has created custom tools, modifications and stand-alone systems to answer the needs of the clients and dealers she knows so well.

Customer Experience
Nov 26

Digital Marketing 101 – Change Up Your Website Design

By RedHorse Systems | Uncategorized

“Freshness” is an important factor in calculations Google performs to rank your page. If your competition is changing content and your page is stagnant you are losing ranking.

Key concepts are achieving a design that is both usable and pleasing, delivers information and builds brand, is technically sound and visually coherent.

Customer ExperienceAt RedHorse we practice what we preach. We’ve revamped our website.

Check it out and test drive our newest release.

See what our competition ISN’T doing.

Screen shots show what’s hot.


customer satisfaction
Nov 21

Great Customer Service – The Ulitmate Trump Card

By RedHorse Systems | Uncategorized

…companies and organizations that provide amazing service to every customer have a clear competitive advantage. Unlike differentiators of quality, innovation or price, (great customer service is a differentiator that can’t be bought; it’s a competitive advantage that can only be earned.) customer satisfaction

Not only can improving customer experience provide a means of differentiating your brand, good experiences lead to greater customer and employee loyalty, satisfaction, and retention, and a better bottom line.

Best wishes, Connie

Connie Galligan is Founder and Lead Developer of RedHorse CRM. During two decades of consulting and software development in the industry, she has created custom tools, modifications and stand-alone systems to answer the needs of the clients and dealers she knows so well.

Nov 21

RedHorse v6.0 Released!

By RedHorse Systems | News

Here’s what’s new :

Two way integration with Constant Contact

Easily transfer contacts into Constant Contact for sending targeted marketing and sales campaigns – no more double entry!

Results are brought back into RedHorse CRM automatically. See clicks, opens, bounce backs and other Constant Contact results right in RedHorse CRM. Create groups based on your results and turn interested prospects into customers.

In RedHorse CRM you can see leads, quotes and sales from each individual Campaign action in the Campaign Manager. Use these results to compare what campaigns work for you by comparing the real ROI of each of your marketing efforts.

Integration with Google Docs and DropBox

Link any document located on the web in your Docs tab in RedHorse CRM and link them to the contact or account they are related to. Link Google Docs or DropBox documents and launch them directly from the Contact record.

No more emailing document attachments back and for the between team members. Share them on the web and link them inside your CRM. Eliminate version tracking, bloated email servers and confusion. Increase productivity with collaboration.

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