RedHorse Business Manager

RedHorse Business Manager is the ultimate business suite for small and medium-sized businesses.

Now you can manage every important area of your business from within a single, easy-to-use, but unbelievably powerful Windows app.

​Here's the simple reason why hundreds of businesses are running on RedHorse...

"Nothing else on the market offers this incredible functionality
at such a low price... in fact, at ANY PRICE!​"

This is the complete package. In addition to ALL the functionality that's included with RedHorse CRM, you also get all this...

  • Constant Contact Integration
    Constant Contact lets you track detailed performance of your campaigns and dynamically update marketing target groups in RedHorse.
  • QuickBooks Integration
    Forget double-entry... Simply do all your billing in RedHorse, and your accounting data will be updated automatically in QuickBooks (without giving everyone access to all your accounting software).
  • Stripe Credit Card Processing Integration
    Collect payments or subscriptions seamlessly and transparently with Stripe, all beautifully integrated with RedHorse and QuickBooks.
  • Subscription Management
    RedHorse Business Manager lets you easily use recurring payments in your proposals and projects.
  • Marketing Campaign Management
    Wouldn't you love to know which marketing activities actually make you money? Business Manager lets you track the results of all your campaigns and see instantly where your leads and sales come from.
  • Workflow
    Never miss an important follow-up again! Automate absolutely any of your regular business tasks, so everyone knows what tasks are due next. Our powerful workflow module can even automate your client communications.
  • Expense Reports
    Tracking expenses is a vital business activity. You can log expenses and contractor costs against projects, tickets, and also contracts.
  • Advanced Lead Management
    You can model your sales funnels within RedHorse Business Manager and track every lead through every stage of your process.
  • Detailed Product Catalog
    Create (or import) your master list of products or service packages for super-fast quoting and close control over delivery.
  • Special Quoting Module
    In addition to tracking sales and lost sales, this module gives you total control over pricing and discounting, and even assign different quoting rights to different team members.
  • Customer Service Ticket System
    The RedHorse ticket system module lets you track any time spent on customer service tasks, (and will even bill your customers for support, if needed).
  • Project Management
    Set up and track any activities and items that make up your projects with RedHorse Business Manager's fully-featured project management module.
  • Contract Management
    Set up service contracts for specific time periods, with one-time or recurring billing, and track all hours spent on the contract.
  • Billing Management
    Record time spent on clients using tickets, then easily create invoices and track payments without leaving RedHorse.
  • Compliance Documents
    If your business requires compliance to be followed, this optional module allows you to reference the required documents immediately in one place.
  • Complete Customization of Business Modules
    This is where you discover the true power of RedHorse! Literally any aspect of your Business Manager can be customized. Whether it's designing your screens the way you want them, adding user-defined fields, or even setting up advanced custom workflows... With RedHorse, if you can ask, "Can it..?" the answer is always, "YES, it can!"
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On A Roll

We did a lot of testing.. We probably over-tested if anything.. to find out if it would be a better fit than what we used previously.

We probably did more due diligence than a company our size typically would.

We knew that if we made the wrong decision, that would have been very hurtful.

In the end, RedHorse Business Manager was undoubtedly the right choice."