RedHorse CRM

RedHorse CRM is your complete Windows-based contact manager.

This is the ultimate CRM suite, boasting a huge range of powerful functionality including shared calendar, integrated email, word merging, social media integration, and sophisticated reporting... and more.

No other CRM on the market offers this incredible functionality at such a low price...
in fact, at ANY PRICE!​

  • Easy Importing
    Easily import your existing data from Outlook, Excel, QuickBooks, GoldMine or CSV files.
  • Account and Contact Management
    RedHorse gives you total control over your prospect, contact, and account data.
  • Unlimited Address/Phone Details for Every Contact
    Associate any number of contact details for people in your database.
  • Shared Calendars & Activity Scheduling
    No more missed activities! Easily share appointments and tasks across your team.
  • Integrated Email Center
    Now you can minimize constant switching between apps, with an Outlook-like email client built right into RedHorse.
  • Email & Document Merging
    Save time by easily attaching any documents to email messages for instant delivery.
  • Powerful Reporting
    The built-in reporting engine lets you create custom reports with ease so you always get the exact intelligence you need.
  • Knowledge Base
    Keep track of business intelligence, such as help desk info, company documents, or other useful documents in a central easily-searchable place.
  • Referral Tracking
    Tracking referrals is crucial for efficient sales and marketing. RedHorse makes it a breeze.
  • Document Management
    Store and link any document to a record for instant retrieval by anyone in your team.
  • Global Viewer
    Gives you an instant overview of all your activities.
  • Link Emails to Multiple Records
    Never lose important info in emails again, with the ability to connect email messages or exchanges to multiple contacts.
  • Outlook & GMail Integration
    RedHorse seamlessly syncs your contacts & tasks with your preferred email client (and phone).
  • Social CRM
    Easily track an contact's social activity and history directly from their record.
  • Customizable Design
    Change the look and feel of your software to match your team's needs, and even your branding.
  • User-Defined Fields
    You need your CRM to work around the way you work, that's why you can create as many user-defined fields as you like.
  • Custom Surveys
    Send prospects or clients to custom-built online surveys, with responses imported automatically.
  • Issue Management
    RedHorse lets you track issues, complaints, suggestions, or objections for any account records.
  • External Data Integration
    Our customers love how easy it is to get RedHorse to share information with any application or datasource.
  • TAPI Telephone Integration
    Make instant phone calls from your PC with a single click.
  • TWAIN Scanner Integration
    Scan any document and have it immediately assigned to a contact.
  • Mobile Client
    Add RedHorse Mobile to take your contacts, calendar and emails with you... wherever you are.
  • Advanced Query Filtering and Groups
    Create your own custom marketing segments with powerful visual querying (no code required).

We spent two or three years researching different options. We looked at, we looked at Microsoft’s CRM, and we looked at RedHorse.

After doing that we made the decision to go with RedHorse, because everything we needed was built in.

We have now been using RedHorse CRM for eight years, and have never looked back.

Dan Roth ProTechnology Inc.