Tom Francis

By RedHorse Systems | Testimonials

Sep 25

Q2quadrant 1.5wideWOW!

“I have been a CRM user for years… including being a CRM reseller for several of those years.

Beyond the standard scheduling, tracking and contact lookup functions, my most productive CRM features over the years have been templates for emails and word processing, and a Knowledge Base that can be used to capture (and use) information for the issues my clients encounter during the course of business.

I recently switched to RedHorse and all I can say is: WOW! The template features and the capabilities built into the Knowledge Base are great! The word processing merge not only WORKS (every day!) – IT IS FAST. I no longer feel like I am chipping in rock with a club and stone. These features will save me hours… while allowing me to give a real WOW factor to my clients.”

Tom FrancisQ2 Resources, Inc.Chicago, IL

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