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Sep 25

xariosYou guys get it…

“I have to tell you, I am always let down by the lack of thought and planning in the area of CRM Telephony Enablement (CTI). I downloaded your app, installed it, (Screwed it up because I don’t read instructions … Thank you for helping me Connie) found the configuration tab to tell it what Telephony Service I was using and

WHAT A LET DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I clicked the telephone Icon and I got a Screen Pop! I called my DID ……………… And I got a SCREEN POP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I figured it was too good to be true so I started messing around with the Call Control Client figuring (HA! YOU CAN”T FOOL ME I DO CTI FOR A LIVING!!!) and… WHAT DO YOU KNOW!!!!!!!!! Full Two-Way Call control!!!!!!!


I then showed it to my guys who in their Cheeky Welsh vernacular said (Kindly Put) I was out of my BLOODY mind… They tested it and apologized…


Simply Put…

You guys get it. That is all I can say. You don’t trap me, hamstring me, License me to death, dictate to me how I will communicate or take away control of my stuff … You just let me do my job and integrate with the rest of my communications apps and appliances. I don’t have to worry about anything here. The times when I do, it is because the CRM manufacturer is Lazy, Greedy or Disinterested in making their application complete.”

Jason KingXarios Ltd.Tempe, AZ

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