Android, iPhone, and Blackberry…Oh my…

We’re not sure it’s the phone that’s ‘smart’; rather, the person who attempts to effectively utilize this ubiquitous sidearm of business weaponry [emphasis on attempts]. While today’s ‘cell phone’ is becoming more of an appliance to run the next cool ‘app’ (and by the way, you can also place a phone call!), it’s definitely an icon of corporate culture that’s not soon to fade.
Not all integrations are created equally…
Let’s face it, we’ve all been around the block when it comes to the headache of ensuring a smooth ‘synchronization’ with our beloved smart phones and whatever product we’re using to managing our customer relationships.
It would be ridiculous for us to try and design an interface to the 1000’s of Smart phones on the market today or try to pass on the cost of a 3rd party add-on. Fortunately for us, every major manufacturer who is serious about competing in the world of corporate cell phone sales needs to have a clean, reliable interface with Outlook. By ensuring our integration with Outlook is the best the industry can offer, you can be equally confident that your RedHorse data will sync properly to any phone that has an equally robust connection with Outlook.

Blackberry and RedHorse

Here’s what you get:

  • Contact Identification and Synchronization 1-Way *
  • Calendar Synchronization 2-Way
  • Email Synchronization 1-Way (depends on Smart Phone) *
  • To-Do Synchronization 2-Way *

And best of all, our Outlook Interface is ‘included’ with RedHorse…
Assuming your cell phone manufacturer maintains their interface to Outlook (without which they’ll be out of business pretty quick), you automatically get the best Outlook Sync and Smartphone Connectivity on the market today.
But what if you don’t want to use Outlook?
Also keep in mind that just because we’re utilizing Outlook to sync to your cell phone doesn’t mean you have to use it as your primary email client. In fact, the majority of RedHorse customers utilize our embedded email client over Outlook. You can synchronize your RedHorse with Outlook simply to acheive the best phone integration on the market, and still live in RedHorse for all of your CRM and communication needs.
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*Note: Outlook and BlackBerry sync 2-way for Contacts, Calendar, Email and ToDos. Outlook and RedHorse sync 1-way for Contacts (RedHorse to Outlook), 1-way for Email (Outlook to RedHorse), and 2-way for Calendar and ToDos. Look for 2-way Contact syncing in an upcoming release of RedHorse.

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