Can QuickBooks Connect With My CRM?

It’s surprising how many businesses operate the accounting side of their business as an often forgotten but necessary appendage. It doesn’t have to be!
Managers spend enormous amounts of time monitoring and managing marketing efforts, sales programs, customer management systems and people. But once the sale is realized, accounting seems to get the burden of the actions and many times appear as the ‘bad guy’.
More than likely this is due to the fact that many accounting systems do not communicate or integrate with their CRM counterparts. Often the sales team ends up printing an order and carrying it over to the accounting person. And in the SMB community – you’re probably playing both roles!
Then there’s inventory and with it commitments made to customers based on inaccurate information only to result in “sorry, we do not have any of those to ship for 21 days”. Oh, the embarrassment of apologizing to the customer!

It’s time to change the model!

  • Integration of the Full Life Cycle – Imagine a CRM system where accounting is integrated from the beginning of a quotation to the billing of services.
  • See Everything You Need – Imagine a system where the integration is not just product lists, but customers, vendors, and other key accountancy information.
  • View Inventory While Quoting – Imagine being able to look at the inventory at the time of creating the proposal/quote.
  • Information At Your Fingertips – Imagine your sales team working with the customer and always knowing the summary accounting details like balances due, terms, payment history, and other key decision making factors including invoice history.
  • Protect Your Confidential Information – Imagine being able to give access to financial data only to those who need it and restrict it from those who don’t; protecting confidential client information.

All of the features “Imagined” above are actually fact in RedHorse CRM. That’s right – Included!
It may be time for you to consider bringing accounting into the sales picture at the beginning.
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