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When you purchased your last CRM solution did it provide all the functionality to manage the essential elements of your business? Without having to purchase additional modules, 3rd party packages or custom development?

  • Was it able to manage both Accounts and Contacts equally effective?
  • Were you able to plan out a detailed marketing campaign with complete automation, web imports and ROI measurement?
  • Could you quickly generate a quote or proposal from the results of your marketing campaign, and, when you sold it, simply ‘click a button’ to send the Invoice directly into Intuit QuickBooks?
  • Are you able to manage your Customer Service business efficiently? Tracking issues, billing against a contract you sold earlier and then billing the customer directly through to QuickBooks?
  • Easily synchronize your contacts, calendar and email to your smartphone?

We didn’t think so…
That’s because until now, there hasn’t been a CRM Solution on the market focused on the Small to Mid-Size business with all of that functionality.
Everything above is ‘included’ in the base price of RedHorse CRM (and a whole lot more!).
You don’t have to purchase a single add-on to get all of these features. Oh, and did we mention that the first year of Maintenance is included? – Yes it is and like it should be. …Also no minimums! How novel and refreshing!
RedHorse Systems – Best in class, best in service, best in price…
Ready to consider an alternative to your current CRM system?
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