How can I turn my Service Center into a Profit Center?

How do you decide if a “Ticketing System” is something you need, and what should it look like?
Simple: A series of systems and processes that are used to provide prompt resolutions to reported problems as well as to study the patterns of services being provide by who and about what. Understand? Try this…
Having a ticketing system improves communications and minimizes misunderstandings – thereby maximizing customer satisfaction and ultimately corporate profits. Okay, now that we have your attention…

So why is customer service ticketing so important for your business?
In most businesses, small and large, information and knowledge is important and valuable from many perspectives. First, having access to past knowledge in solving new problems can be priceless. An image of expertise is broadcast widely when you know what you are doing by utilizing prior knowledge quickly.
Second, the ability to provide feedback to your customer and to vendors can save hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars. These are two of the most visible benefits, but be assured there are many others.
Additional features you should look for in your next customer service ticketing system are:

  • Ability to expand using custom fields
  • Easily send Service Ticket information to the Knowledgebase
  • The ability to connect a service ticket with multiple :
    • Contacts (and with more than 1)
    • E-mails
    • Vendor records
    • Knowledgebase articles
  • Workflow – the ability to automate steps within the process of solving the problem
  • Assignment of activities and tracking of history completed while resolving a service ticket
  • Automation of the process of reporting ticket creation and resolution to the customer
  • Tracking of time utilized by the technical staff, as well as parts used for repairs
  • Connection to a time-billing and/or accounting system

The RedHorse Ticket module includes all of the above features and more.
For example, if you bill your customers for support, you can now easily review and bill for the parts and labor. Then easily send an invoice directly to Intuit Quickbooks accounting. RedHorse CRM is powerful and flexible, and as always with RedHorse, “It’s Included!”
It may be time for you to consider a service ticketing module in your company.
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