Outlook connection to CRM?

Someone recently said, “…people are born with Outlook now…!” The same is true about our Cell Phones – just how did we live without this gadgets of efficiency. Everyone seems to be “connected”.
In the past, Microsoft Outlook had been a difficult tool to deal with. But as Microsoft has established itself in the kingdom of email clients, they have provided a variety of ways to ‘connect’ to Outlook. Most of these ‘connection points’ are called add-ons, and like any piece of software connecting System A to System B, not everyone is created equally.
What should a good Outlook link contain?

  1. Email connectivity – to Outlook (from CRM) and from Outlook (to CRM)
  2. Contact connectivity – ensure that contacts are available in Outlook that are in CRM and vice-versa
  3. Calendar connectivity – it is critical that appointments and tasks created in Outlook (or the connected smartphone) get back into the CRM system; in addition tasks and appointments created in the CRM should be in the Outlook calendaring

RedHorse CRM has accomplished the task to include these important links, not leaving the Outlook user disconnected from the CRM system and connecting these Outlook users into the CRM system. No longer are CRM and Outlook different worlds.

In the RedHorse Outlook Link the integration is comprehensive.

  • Email, Contacts and Calendar – RedHorse can be configured to sync email, contacts and calendars, or any combination thereof; all managed from within Outlook.
  • Email Attachments – Documents attached/embedded in Outlook messages are handled according to the document management configuration in RedHorse, controlled by the settings in Outlook.
  • Easy Setup – Configuration of all record types are handled in Outlook in one settings area.
  • Configurable – RedHorse has the ability to determine how to handle email addresses in Outlook that are in the RedHorse database and automatically sync them without user interruption, and to handle emails that are not in the RedHorse database using different rules.
  • Outlook and CRM work as one – RedHorse can be configured to use Outlook as the “fulltime” email messaging client while maintaining the full view of communications within the CRM.
  • What if Outlook is local, CRM is remote? – RedHorse does not have to be running to synchronize with Outlook, as long as the SQL Database is accessible. This allows remote access to RedHorse while still utilizing a local Outlook instance.

If you are ready to integrate Outlook as a valued tool for your customer database or CRM system, RedHorse CRM is an excellent choice.
It may be time for you to consider true integration between Outlook and CRM in your company.
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