My old workstation just died! Now what???

What would you do if your workstation died and you needed to replace it?

  • Will your current CRM system run on a new computer?
  • Will it lose functionality or be incompatible with the new version of Windows? Internet Explorer? Microsoft Word and/or Outlook?
  • Will your CRM be dead?
  • Will you try to buy the new computer with an outdated operating system just so that your CRM will run?

It used to be ok to lag behind.

When Windows 8 came out, you probably said, “Oh heck, I can stay with XP. It works great. I have heard mixed emotions about Windows 8, so maybe it’s good to stay away from it. My CRM works great on XP. I can stay here.”.

The Windows XP operating system was released back in 2001… 13 years old now? And support for Windows XP is being dropped by Microsoft in April 2014.

Will you be stuck with an old and insecure Internet Explorer browser and/or an old version of Microsoft Word – just to keep your current CRM running? How broken and outdated can you afford to be?

If you purchase a new computer today, it will come with Windows 8. You may still be able to get Windows 7 when you buy a new computer, but even Windows 7 is difficult to find. So supporting an older CRM system would be difficult and most likely, unsupported by your current vendor.

Sounds scary. But actually, at some point it’s worth biting the bullet and modernizing. Productivity enhancements in software haven’t stopped developing just because you haven’t kept up. There is a lot to be gained by catching up. It’s time to look around for a new best of breed CRM, built for modern technology, with a modern design and modern thinking…. That runs on a modern day operating system. That’s RedHorse CRM.


RedHorse is built for today!
RedHorse is built on .NET technology and has been tested and implemented on Windows 7 or 8 (x86 and x64) and Windows Server 2008 or Server 2012. Microsoft has made significant changes in how Windows 7/8 talks to SQL and RedHorse is screaming fast! We have been using it since early release and LOVE IT!
In addition, the RedHorse link to Microsoft Word is version independent. You can upgrade your Word with a new version or just a service pack any time you want. There is no new Word Link to install and you can be completely safe knowing that your Word link is not going to break.
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