Should My CRM be Account or Contact Centric?

Don’t worry, we’ll help you through it…and guess what :
RedHorse is flexible enough to handle either scenario when you’re ready to make a decision.
To determine if your CRM system should be account or contact centric, you need to understand the differences between each approach.

Contact Centric

In a Contact Centric system, the primary organization is around independent contacts. The relationship is limited to the contact and everything you do in the system must begin with a contact. Companies, or accounts, are not linked.

Account Centric

In an Account Centric system, there are two levels to the basic organization: a company or account layer to which multiple contacts are related.

Why simple systems fail…
A simple contact centric system breaks down as soon as you have two people who work with the same company. How do you tie the two together? Sure they may share a common ‘company field’ or your contact manager might even provide a roll-up ‘function’ based on a company field. But a contact centric system makes you maintain the relationships and gives you an incomplete view of  the overall picture. This can be time consuming, inefficient and frustrating if not kept up to date manually.
A simple account centric system breaks down as soon as you need to see all of the information for one contact separately from the others at a company. The roll-up in an account centric system is often more powerful than the drill-down capability.
RedHorse gives you the best of both worlds!
In RedHorse, you can choose to work directly from the contact record, or you can work from the account record. Your choice. You get a fully functional roll-up with a complete account record showing all related contact records and all of their combined history, details, quotes, tickets, etc. viewable in one place.

You don’t have to maintain the relationships – RedHorse does that for you!
And you get fully functional drill-down with a complete contact record showing everything related to just the contact you are working with. Initiate actions from the contact or the account – wherever you happen to be.
Let us show you how RedHorse can help you determine which method is best for you and how both work flexibly in RedHorse!

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