User’s Manual

A step-by-step guide for first-time, and experienced computer Users
RedHorse CRM is very powerful software, but this guide shows where controls are located and how to operate them so that basic computer Users can find what they need and be functional in a very short time.
Who needs this manual?
First time Users of RedHorse CRM and experienced Users trying to remember how to access infrequently-used features. The manual is both a primer and a reference.
The task of learning how to use new software can be daunting, but RedHorse CRM uses controls which are similar to those contained in other software, and will look familiar. Tasks are grouped together in ways which make sense to those doing the tasks. But even the most well thought-out CRM software will be more than an ‘Intuitive’ design can manage. There is simply too much to cover. Hence, the need for this manual.
It will speed the new User’s understanding of what the software is, and what it can do.
The Manual at a Glance:

  • Table of Contents – a listing of contents, showing where to find them
  • CRM Overview – an explanation how software modules relate to your work
  • How CRM Works – where to find, and how to use, the main features
  • Managing Records – where important information is stored, and basic access to it
  • Searching Records – using the system to quickly find the exact information you want
  • Organizing Contact Records – options to simplify record keeping
  • Scheduling Activities – simple steps to scheduling your work, and others
  • Email – turning this basic task into a powerful tool to reduce your workload
  • Printing – using document and report templates, as well as printing options
  • Quoting – using pre-defined templates to turn quoting into an easy task
  • Dashboards – an easy way to see how you are doing
  • Teamwork – a few mouse clicks to include other team members
  • Glossary – A list of all those strange technical words, and their meanings
  • Index – An alphabetical listing of topics contained in the manual

What the manual will not cover
Each company which installs RedHorse CRM has the option to change the look, feel, and operation of the software to suit their business. The Manual can prepare the new User to expect such changes, but cannot explain customized features, because there are so many ways to change how it works.
Easy Ordering
Every RedHorse CRM user will want their own printed copy to help them learn how to use the program, and to make notes to guide them through their company’s customization of the program.
Order the $39.95 printed manual online : RedHorse CRM User’s Manual Ordering
Or call and order at: (503) 206-0333
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