The Automation Station

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Feb 26

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The Automation StationsqSaint Paul, MN USA        Top Reseller Q4 2012        Certified Reseller

Throughout your business day, you have a lot going on… incoming E-mails, outgoing calls, incoming calls, quotes, customer service issues, people in and out of your office, voice mail and more. The more you can let your computer do the work the better. At The Automation Station, Inc., we specialize in removing painful processes through technology from your Sales, Marketing and Customer Service groups. With integrated solutions, The Automation Station and RedHorse CRM can provide your business development and service teams with a powerful solution to help them be more productive and to “Let Your Computer Do It!”


The Automation Station
2163 Parkview Lane
Saint Paul, MN 55125
(651) 248-3191
Top Producer:
Q4 2012
Q2 2011
Express Edition Certified Reseller 2013
Standard Edition Certified Reseller 2013
Express Edition Certified Reseller 2012
Standard Edition Certified Reseller 2012

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