Stay Fluid – Video Content Marketing – The Newest Kid On The Block

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Dec 05
video content marketing

We’ve got linked in, facebook, twitter, Instagram, pinterest, email marketing, seo strategizing, web design and analytics – WHAT? Now everyone’s talking video content marketing! Why? Because digital marketing is ever evolving.

video content marketingSome of this stuff is new, some is reworked and some is just now resurfacing because with new analytical tools (like those in rockin’ CRM software like RedHorse) we can track its success as a marketing venue.

Good news is – like all digital marketing – video content marketing is cheap if you don’t try to win an audience by competing with elaborate production fanfare.

At RedHorse we are constantly working on video content marketing.  Check out a few of our best.

image source Daniel Zeevi The State of Video in 2013 [Motion Graphic]

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