What’s On Your CRM Wish List?

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Apr 09

There’s an old saying that “you can’t know what you don’t know”, and if you haven’t experienced something, you probably don’t know what you are missing. Well, a good CRM system is a lot like that. If you have never used one to improve communication and reduce working time, then it would be difficult for you to understand its benefits.

In fact, abandoning your current arrangements to work in an all-encompassing CRM system may sound like an overwhelming amount of work. And for what? Well, higher profits that will arise from increased efficiencies in time and communication, for one.

wishlistLet’s say your business currently uses Outlook, and you know that it’s not enough. You need to move to a CRM system that lets you keep contact information and communications linked to the lists of individuals and companies you work with. You want the information to be accessible to all appropriate employees, in the same places every time, automatically. And you need to switch over without down-time. Sound impossible? Well, guess what. It’s not.

Drop me a line about what you want from a CRM system. What else is on your wish list?

Best wishes, Connie

Connie Galligan is Founder and Lead Developer of RedHorse CRM. During two decades of consulting and software development in the industry, she has created custom tools, modifications and stand-alone systems to answer the needs of the clients and dealers she knows so well.

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