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Mar 13

As a CRM specialist and a business owner/manager, I know how crucial it is stay abreast of emerging best practices and create ways that are right for my company to act on that information. I want to share what I have learned over the past 20 years and hear about what is important for you.


I’m hoping that this blog will be a place where people who are interested in doing business better can share information and insights. For instance, we now know that about one-third of the world’s population actively uses the Internet. In addition to personal and social activities, business people also use it to research products and services, and the companies that provide them. To do business better, we have to go to where our customers are.

Opportunities abound for those companies bold enough to reach for them, but success is more subtle. This requires a breadth and depth of understanding and expertise that comes from continuous learning. I hope you will comment on what you see here and keep the knowledge exchange going. I am curious to hear what you are thinking about and what you might like to see in this space. Write soon!

Best wishes, Connie

Connie Galligan is Founder and Lead Developer of RedHorse CRM. During two decades of consulting and software development in the industry, she has created custom tools, modifications and stand-alone systems to answer the needs of the clients and dealers she knows so well.


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