Do You Know What You Look Like Online?

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Apr 30

Everyone’s watching everyone else these days. Websites, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, wikis, podcasts, blogs, YouTube, RSS feeds, widgets, apps and … argh! Who can keep up? Well, we all have to.

mirrorThe information we put out there in cyberspace contains photos, graphics, audio and video that give us an appearance and voice online. People think they know us because they see the various aspects that we have chosen to show them. That means the choice of each one of these elements is a strategic decision in constructing our online identity.

How do your customers, potential clients, vendors, and others find you? A complete answer is important because each way gives us information about where and how to present ourselves in the virtual world. For instance, people find information

  • By click-throughs,
  • By name,
  • By subject,
  • By long-tail enquiry, and
  • By some combination of the above.

In other words, they are looking for you just the way you go looking for them, not necessarily in the orderly, linear way we used to present ourselves in print.

Have you found a difference between the image you thought you were giving of yourself and the one people assumed from your online presentation. I’d love to hear about your experiences, so write soon.

Watch our Putting People Back into the Business Equation video to learn more.

Best wishes, Connie

Connie Galligan is Founder and Lead Developer of RedHorse CRM. During two decades of consulting and software development in the industry, she has created custom tools, modifications and stand-alone systems to answer the needs of the clients and dealers she knows so well.

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