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Sep 11

More on my post about the most common roadblocks to adoption of a customer relations management system for your business… In my last post I addressed the heavily disputed ROI issue.

In this post I will cover another objection: the assertion that “you don’t have time”.

First I would like to offer the following analogy:

Take a small farmer, about a hundred years ago whose cows produced a healthy supply of milk that was then delivered to general stores in several nearby towns as well as to friends and neighbors by horse and cart.

The farmer is not interested in automation or the newest fad, the automobile. He is busy but wealthy and happy with his prosperity. Over the years the town builds up around him and two more milk producing farms develop in the wake of the increase in demand.

These farms have automated pasteurization processes, automated bottling and delivery trucks.

You can see where I am going with this.

So let’s get back to present day thoughts on resistance to adopting a CRM system based on lack of time.

There is going to be an immediate investment of time spent on the acquisition of the system and the scheduling of installation and implementation. That is a given. And it is a hurdle – but a very short lived one.

The return on time saved – once installed – is staggering.

Imagine all future information between personnel and customers passing at the speed of electric flow which is measured in billions and trillionths of a second. It would quite literally take one day of operations with a CRM system to pay back in time saved.rocketsuip

Imagine documents, invoices, reports, statements, ticketing, emails, scheduling and related processes being automatically and quickly generated. A CRM system can carry out a sequence of many data processing operations – without human interaction – at a significantly higher rate of efficiency and accuracy.

When human interaction is factored, those accessing the information are retrieving and sending it to and from multiple locations, departments, entities, and applications, eliminating massive amounts of duplication – saving a phenomenal amount of time with each and every action.

Essentially, what you are doing is trading in that horse and cart for a rocket ship.

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