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April 21, 2023 RedHorse Systems Version 10.4 Keeps Pace with Industry Wide Email Security Download
July 2, 2022 RedHorse Systems Version 10.2 Introduces web capabilities based on Microsoft Edge Download
December 23, 2021 RedHorse Systems Version 10.0 Further enhances it’s connection to Gmail Download
August 31, 2021 RedHorse Systems Version 9.8 Offers a new Sales Metrics tool for in-depth sales tracking Download
April 8, 2021 RedHorse Systems Version 9.6 Provides Direct Connection with Google Gmail Download
October 14, 2020 RedHorse Systems Version 9.4 Enhances Communication with Google Gmail Download
January 21, 2020 RedHorse Business Manager Focuses on Customer Usability Download
November 19, 2018 RedHorse Business Manager Gets a Face Lift Download
June 12, 2018 RedHorse Systems’ New Online QuickBooks Integration Syncs Team Roles, CRM, Revenue Read Download
February 12, 2018 RedHorse Systems Version 8.4 Syncs Small Business CRM with Microsoft Outlook Read Download
December 7, 2017 RedHorse Systems Version 8.2 Foolproofs Quoting Process for Small Businesses Read Download
September 5, 2017 RedHorse Systems’ Updated Software Helps Small Businesses Automate CRM and More Read Download
October 28, 2016 RedHorse Releases “Groundhog Day” Update Read Download
June 7, 2016 RedHorse Releases New Marketing Automation Capabilities, Including Email Open and Click Results Read Download
February 2, 2016 RedHorse Business Manager Adds Mobile Features Read Download
November 3, 2015 RedHorse CRM Version 7.4 Delivers a Range of Usability Enhancements Read Download
August 12, 2015 RedHorse CRM Adds Integration with Office 365 and Windows 10 Read Download
June 3, 2015 RedHorse CRM adds Subscription Management and integration with Read Download
January 20, 2015 RedHorse CRM Announces Subscription Pricing Read Download
November 7, 2014 RedHorse CRM Update Supports Google Calendar v3 Read Download
November 6, 2014 RedHorse CRM v6.6 Goes Mobile – IPhone – IPad – Android Read Download
August 12, 2014 RedHorse CRM Newest Updates – iCal and Customizable New Contacts in Version 6.4 Read Download
April 1, 2014 RedHorse Systems Announces the Revamp, Remodel and Revving Up of its Software Line Up Read Download
January 8, 2014 RedHorse Systems announces appointment of new head of Dealer Sales and Channel Development Read Download
November 21, 2013 RedHorse Systems’ New RedHorse CRM v6.0 Integrates with Constant Contact Read Download
November 14, 2013 RedHorse Systems Holds Reseller Conference Read Download
August 15, 2013 RedHorse Systems CRM v5.6 Adds Features For Customer Strategies to Succeed Read Download
May 2, 2013 RedHorse Systems New “Lite” Version Offers Initial CRM Platform To Grow Small Business Read Download
March 19, 2013 RedHorse CRM v5.4 Increases Ease of Use and Reduces Cost for Remote Desktop Users Read Download
November 14, 2012 RedHorse Systems’ First Webinar On-Demand Shows How to Capture the Power of Social Media Read Download
October 30, 2012 RedHorse Systems’ Next Webinar Advises: Rethink Your Branding Read Download
October 24, 2012 RedHorse Systems CRM v5.2 Boosts Users’ Social Media Options and Continues Focus on Compatibility with Latest Technology Read Download
October 18, 2012 RedHorse Systems’ Webinar Series Advances to Next Level Read Download
September 12, 2012 RedHorse Systems’ Certification Turns Resellers Into Genuine Business Partners Read Download
August 8, 2012 RedHorse Systems Competes to be the Best in the World Read Download
June 4, 2012 RedHorse Systems Sponsors “Add Profits to the Bottom Line” Educational Webinar Read Download
May 29, 2012 RedHorse Systems Sponsors “Faster Business with Less Confusion” Educational Webinar Read Download
May 21, 2012 RedHorse Systems Sponsors “Customer Service Ticketing” Educational Webinar Read Download
May 14, 2012 RedHorse Systems Sponsors “Sales Lead Development” Educational Webinar Read Download
May 7, 2012 RedHorse Systems Sponsors “Marketing Campaigns” Educational Webinar Read Download
May 2, 2012 Social Media Marketing Integrated in RedHorse CRM Version 5.0 Read Download
April 30, 2012 RedHorse Systems Sponsors “Make Your Business Social” Educational Webinar Read Download
April 29, 2012 RedHorse Systems Begins “Business Builder” Educational Webinars Read Download
April 4, 2012 RedHorse CRM Version 4.4 Maximizes Profit Doing It Your Way Read Download
January 10, 2012 RedHorse CRM Distances Marketo and Eloqua in Lead Management Read Download
January 3, 2012 Android and iPhone Now Sync with RedHorse CRM Read Download
October 31, 2011 RedHorse CRM Releases Business Analytics for Small Business Read Download
May 8, 2011 RedHorse CRM Workflow Leads Microsoft CRM for Small Business Read Download
February 3, 2011 RedHorse Systems – Marketing Campaigns Go on ‘Auto’ Read Download
November 8, 2010 RedHorse Systems – Breaks the Small Business Platform Barrier Read Download
July 22, 2010 RedHorse Systems Revolutionizes Outlook Integration in RedHorse CRM v2.8 Read Download
February 23, 2010: RedHorse Systems, Inc. Responds to Customer Requests and Releases v2.5 of Their Customer Relationship Management Solution RedHorse CRM. Read Download
January 12, 2010: RedHorse Systems, Inc. Releases RedHorse CRM v2.4, a Fully Customizable Customer Relationship Management Platform. Read Download
May 26, 2009: RedHorse Systems, Inc. formally announces the release of v2.0 of RedHorse CRM. Read Download



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